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Security Solutions

Matco is Egypt’s leading company in security products and solutions, with more than 30 years of experience Matco is providing a portfolio covering cash handling, safes and vaults, entrance security and electronic security for banks, retail, CIT, mass transit, public & commercial buildings and industrial & high-risk sites. Matco has a certified European range of products that satisfies all security needs through partnering with global leaders in the security solutions field.

Archiving Solutions

Matco has partnered with CYBER to provide a key solution for archiving automation. Providing a full range of solutions, from offices and archives automatic filing systems to advanced solutions for intralogistics of Pharmaceutical and cosmetic warehouses to ensure containment, efficient handling, organization and storage capacity. Cyber also provides intralogistics warehouse solutions range, from vertical automatic storage systems to mobile shelving systems, up to vertical carousels with rotating carriers or shifting trays equipped with air conditioning.


Paper Supplies

In partnership with enoPAP. We make innovative, sustainable packaging and paper that’s kind to the planet. By using renewable sources—like sugarcane waste instead of wood—our 

production has a much smaller environmental footprint than traditional packaging, and still delivers an industry-leading product. Since identifying a gap in the packaging market, we’ve continued to innovate and disrupt. we want to find new ways to move beyond conventional tree-based paper packaging and create a more sustainable future.

Printing & Packaging

Matco Printing and Packaging, part of Matco group was founded in 2012 and rapidly became a Key Supplier to the printing and packaging industry through print house acquisitions and partnering with Leading suppliers in the market. Matco Printing and packaging aims to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions. In 2020, Matco has extended its range to move beyond tree-based, disposable solutions to a sustainable range of paper and packaging, transforming the industry’s culture and mindset to greener solutions saving our planet, yet maintaining a top notch quality product.

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