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Archiving Solutions

Matco has partnered with CYBER to provide a key solution for archiving automation. Providing a full range of solutions, from offices and archives automatic filing systems to advanced solutions for intralogistics of Pharmaceutical and cosmetic warehouses to ensure containment, efficient handling, organization and storage capacity. Cyber also provides intralogistics warehouse solutions range, from vertical automatic storage systems to mobile shelving systems, up to vertical carousels with rotating carriers or shifting trays equipped with air conditioning.

Health & Cosmetics


Advanced solutions for the intralogistics of pharmaceutical and cosmetic warehouses, specifically designed for the containment, handling and guided collection of medicines, parapharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetic products, histological specimens, haematological samples and biopsies.

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Automated warehouse

& Storage Solutions

Cyber ​​automated warehouses allow you to make the most of the available space, optimally organizing goods.



Archiving Solutions

Automatic filing systems and compactable cabinets for offices and archives.

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Multirole Sanitizer

Patented system for vertical warehouses, sanitizer for air and surfaces without any filtration system. 

Within an hour, the sanitation is complete.

No problem for people or animals in the room.

Eradication of any bacterial and viral charge up to 92%. Maintenance is not necessary.

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